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There’s no regular MacTip this week. Instead I’d like to introduce you to the new MacTips book: A MacTips Sparkler, Volume 1, March 2013 (US$10) and say a couple of words about MacTips itself.

The 79 Tips for using Macs, iPhones & iPads in A MacTips Sparkler will spark ideas and add sparkle to your work and leisure.

A MacTips Sparkler, Volume 1, March 2013.

A MacTips Sparkler, Volume 1, March 2013.

Buy before the end of March 2013 to get 25% off the regular $10 price, or buy right now for 50% off. Buy A MacTips Sparkler now and support the site while learning more about the Apple products you use.

My other books are discounted too

This is my third MacTips ebook. The other two were published on the Kindle bookstore:

For the next few days I’ve slashed the price of both to US$0.99! Buy now to get both books for less than the usual price for one.

What makes MacTips?

The power of MacTips lies in its readers and contributors: that’s you. You ask questions, leave comments, make donations and encourage me to continue creating useful, practical Tips.

As a service for you and a fundraiser for the site I’ve collected together Tips that were published between 01 January 2012 and 28 February 2013 into this single 276 page PDF.

There’s a real mix of Tips, with something for everyone. Go on, buy the book now. In fact, with the discount available if you act right now, buy copies for friends and family too. Read full details about A MacTips Sparkler, including a table of contents and some comments from visitors to the Tips.

How MacTips is made

Sometimes commenters give me great insights into misconceptions about MacTips, especially when they suggest I should change how the Mac or iPhone works. If only I could. So here’s just a bit of insight into the workings of MacTips:

  • Thought up, written and maintained by Miraz Jordan, a freelance writer.
  • Funded by Miraz Jordan and donations sent in by readers during April each year. Costs are around $2,000 per year for hosting, backups, anti-spam and other odds and ends that keep the site functioning and safe.
  • Apple most assuredly do not provide hardware or software at a discount or for free (I wish!).
  • Other companies don’t give MacTips stuff for free, except occasionally for software or book reviews and where disclaimed in the Tip.
  • Apple don’t pay me to write Tips. In fact no-one does. My other work supports the site.
  • The first Tip was published back in September 1999.
  • The archive now contains almost 1,000 Tips.

What people say about MacTips

All the feedback I receive is helpful, but I’m only human, so of course I love the compliments. Here are just a few of the comments I’ve seen on some of the Tips in the book:

  • Cindy: Thanks! This was so easy! Your info was a great help.
  • Sushi: Thanks, the commands worked like a charm. I love this website.
  • Ana: Thank you! Didn’t think I could do this myself! Saved me so much time! SO Helpful!
  • Sonia: That was fantastic. Not only solved my problem but gave me another useful tool.
  • Jane: Thanks so much for the tips! Now I can enjoy reading in bed with my iPAD3. (I was so frustrated and cursed for the supposedly nice feature of tilting.)

MacTips needs your help

This labour of love takes time and money. When you buy products through the site, click on ads or send donations you make a very real contribution to this great resource. When you leave comments, help answer queries from others, submit Tips or ask questions that lead to Tips you’re helping build something really useful. When you tell others about the site, Like it on Facebook, retweet the Tweets, Stumble it or send on Tips to others you’re helping to support MacTips.

For MacTips to continue for another year I need your help. There are plenty of ideas on this page and in April I’ll be asking for donations. 😊

Thank you for reading MacTips. Without you there would be no point.

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