Review: Logitech Cooling Pad N200

Review: Logitech Cooling Pad N200
Mac Tip #567, Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The bottom of a Mac laptop is often scorching at the best of times. In summer it’s even worse, even with a laptop stand. But the Logitech Cooling Pad N200 has a 2-speed fan that introduces some excellent cooling. It’s my favourite laptop stand so far, and here’s why.

The images are taken from the product’s web page. I bought this laptop stand for myself more than a year ago — it’s not a review unit from Logitech. I use it with my 15 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Logitech Cooling Pad N200.

Logitech Cooling Pad N200.

Comfortable on the lap

The underside of the stand is covered mainly in a mesh-style fabric that doesn’t slip, although the stand is easy to move.

A small lip on the front edge of the top side holds the laptop in place. My old laptop stand by a different manufacturer had a slippery plastic surface on both sides and no lip. I was constantly adjusting the position of both stand and laptop.

After a year or more of use I can definitively say the Logitech stand is far superior. A couple of rubber pads on the top of this one stop the laptop from sliding sideways.

I bought the stand that would fit my 15″ MacBook Pro of the time, and the size is just right.

The fan is protected

My old laptop stand also had fans inside. Some plastic vanes protected the fans — sort of. It seemed that every single time I picked up the laptop on its stand my fingers would land on and press on the vanes. Several broke quite quickly and then were a constant source of annoyance, and a risk for interfering with the fan. In fact one blade did eventually snap off.

The fan on the Logitech N200 is firmly protected by a much more robust area of plastic that is located away from where your hands fall while lifting the stand.

The 2-speed fan controller.

The 2-speed fan controller.

A sensible fan controller

The old stand had a detachable USB cable that was never around when I needed it, and a push button on the back to turn the fan on and off. The N200 incorporates a slot on the bottom that the USB cable easily fits into. The cable’s also permanently attached to the stand and includes a controller to turn the fan off or to one of two speeds.

At highest speed the fan creates a very cooling flow of air and a bit of noise. It’s not specially loud though. At the lower speed it’s barely audible.

You can use this cooling pad on your lap or desk. Rear and side air intakes give you steady, unobstructed airflow—even when it’s on your lap. — Source: product features.

The negatives and positives

I tried thinking about what’s wrong with this laptop stand, and quite honestly couldn’t come up with anything. It’s comfortable, easy to use, effective. I use mine all the time, generally with the fan off, and am completely happy with it.

If you use your laptop on your lap then I’d totally recommend the Logitech Cooling Pad N200.

Where to buy

I bought mine from a local store that sells computer gear. If you buy through my Amazon affiliate link I earn a couple of dollars: Logitech Cooling Pad N200 with USB-Powered 2-Speed Fan (939-000346).

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