Rename a document from its Title Bar

Rename a document from its Title Bar
Mac Tip #565, Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mountain Lion brought some new ways of handling documents. In many apps a hidden menu may be available from the Title Bar of an open document. That menu allows you to carry out various actions, such as browsing previous versions or duplicating the file. Another option is the handy Rename. It’s very simple; here’s what you need to know.

This is the last official MacTip for 2012. I’m taking a summer holiday until mid-January. I hope 2012 has brought you much pleasure and satisfaction, and that 2013 improves on that. Thanks so much for reading and supporting MacTips, and for all the wonderful comments and suggestions. Happy holidays.

My action list needs a new filename

I wasn’t thinking ahead when I named this document I have open all the time. It’s a sort of ToDo list that I made a couple of months ago to remind me what I needed to work on in the last few months of the year. Now it’s almost the end of December and the name October-to-December-2012 really needs to change to the more general Projects.

Rename from the Title Bar.

Rename from the Title Bar.

This document opens automatically every time I open up my Mac, so I’m not exactly sure where it is in the Finder.

Before Mountain Lion I would have located it in the Finder and edited the name there. Now, though, there’s a quicker way.

Rename an open file from the Title Bar

In many apps, thought not all, hover your cursor over the Title Bar to the right of the document’s name. A disclosure arrow should appear. Click the arrow to see a menu.

Rename from the Title Bar.

Rename from the Title Bar.

Select Rename…. The document name changes to an editable field. Type the new name for your document and press Return when you’ve finished. The document has now been renamed in the Finder.

The file name in the Title Bar becomes editable.

The file name in the Title Bar becomes editable. I hadn’t finished typing the name projects when I made this screenshot.

Now experiment with the Move To… and Duplicate options on the same menu. Remember to practice on a dummy document while you check out how it works.

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