Send emails to the best address

Send emails to the best address
Saturday, 25 August 2012

These days many people have several email addresses. If you send a personal email to a work address, or a work-related email to the recipient’s address as Treasurer of a voluntary organisation, your email just might get ditched as spam, overlooked or just plain lost. Guest author Jenine Abarbanel explains the problem she faces related to one of her jobs, and how to check in Apple Mail where that email’s going.

Jenine Abarbanel. Jenine Abarbanel is co-organiser for Kiwi Foo Camp, and a part time Mac technician at Mahurangi College in Warkworth. When she isn’t being a geek she’s raising two kids or playing double bass and singing in a bluegrass band.

Our email problem

We have been having some issues where Mahurangi College related emails are being sent to home addresses, and thus being missed or lost.

Address Book / Contacts holds contact details

Address Book (renamed Contacts in Mountain Lion) stores all contact information for the people you know.

Contacts can have a home phone, a mobile number, work number, fax. The same is true for email, as most of us now have at least a work and home email address.

Send emails to the correct address

When you send a work-related email to people you want to make sure that it is going to the correct address.

For example, let’s say you want to send me an email about fixing your printer. In Mail you create a new message and start typing my name in the To: field. A bunch of different options for email addresses for me appear.

Select the correct email address.

Select the correct email address.

Select the one and fire away.

Check which address is attached to a name

Jenine is very well connected.

Jenine is very well connected. We blurred out Jenine’s actually addresses for privacy reasons.

You can check that your message is going to the correct address by clicking on the recipient name, as shown in the screenshot.

When in doubt, double check!

Other options

Other solutions to this issue:

  1. Edit your Address Book cards to remove all but work email addresses.
  2. Add your home email accounts to the Apple Mail client so all email comes to a single location without needing to use a webmail page.

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  1. Miraz Jordan said:

    Paul emailed: “As an addendum perhaps … if you’re using Mail (I’m still using Snow Leopard, not Lion etc since I don’t want to have to spend $$$ to replace a few of my applications) in the menu bar you can go to Window/Previous Recipients/ and select and delete those addresses you don’t want to come up automatically.”

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