Make MacTips Magic month 2012

Thanks to our 2011 supporters!

In 2011, 35 wonderful supporters secured MacTips’ finances for the whole year! You folks are the best!

In brief: MacTips needs your support in 2012

MacTips is free to you but I still have to pay for hosting, anti-spam protection and backups.

The huge success of MacTips means these things cost more than I can afford. Please pay a voluntary subscription so I can stop worrying and keep making great Tips. Read the gory details or fine print if you need to (below).

Note: the PayPal account is in the name of First Bite of the Apple which was the name of my business when I set up the account years ago. If it asks you for my email address, please use .

Be a magic1 2012 supporter!

1: Magic, as in wonderful, kind and generous, not as in fictitious. 😉

MacTips Supporter $52 per year. This is a recurring subscription. Equal to $1 per week it really helps me and is great value for you.

MacTips Best Friends Forever $104 per year. This is a recurring subscription. This is even better for me and still great value for you at the equivalent of $2 per week.

MacTips Fan $26 per year. This is a recurring subscription. That works out to 50 cents per week.

MacTips Friend $12 per year. This is a recurring subscription. Even $1 per month can be significant — for you and me both.

MacTips and Double Rainbows all the way $365 per year. This is a recurring subscription. Buy this one and I’ll throw in a free 30 minutes of personal tuition by email or Skype!

One-off Donation — any amount.

Just so you know: recurring subscriptions renew every 12 months until you cancel.

Max your Mac personal trainer

I’m setting up a new personal tuition service, and you don’t even have to be local! We start with a free session of up to 10 minutes where we see how I can help you with learning your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Why not contact me for more information and a free session?

Other ways to help

Please visit my MacTips Store where you can buy my ebook 22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users, or books and software I recommend. Each sale through that page earns me a few dollars. And remember to support our advertisers too.

Coming soon: Sizzling Safari Tips — an ebook for Mac Users. Contact me if you’d like me to tell you when it’s available for sale.

If you have products or services of interest to MacTips readers you could advertise on the site, offer discounts or coupons, competition prizes or review items. Please contact me to discuss the options.

Review my site or my ebook, and help share them with others. I’m sure you know someone who’d find them useful.

The gory details

Google Analytics MacTips stats 01 January 2008 to 29 February 2012.

Google Analytics visits report January 2008 to 29 February 2012 for MacTips.

MacTips is a success. Google Analytics reports on the number of visits:

  • January 2012: 104065
  • January 2011: 59990
  • January 2010: 33519
  • January 2009: 10184

In other words, use of the site has almost doubled in the last year. And the trend is still for more visitors each month.

More MacTips channels

At the moment around 2,400 people subscribe to the Feedburner RSS feed.

The Facebook page has 389 subscribers, and the YouTube channel has 326, with 139,864 views in the last 21 months of currently 75 videos. On Twitter there are 561 followers.

I’m thrilled with the growth, but MacTips needs your help to sustain it.

Make a donation or buy a subscription

A cup of coffee, a magazine, a movie

Did you buy a cup of coffee today? A magazine? A newspaper? A bottle of water, or beer or wine? Maybe you paid for a movie or a book?

Has MacTips saved you a few minutes so you had a couple of spare dollars or a few spare minutes to buy that item?

Would you be willing to spend the same amount to help MacTips cover its costs?

Or perhaps you recently attended a workshop or conference that cost dozens or hundreds of dollars. Does MacTips teach you things too? How about buying a one-year subscription equivalent to the fee for one workshop?

MacTips costs are growing

While I’m thrilled to be reaching more people there’s a financial impact. I pay for MacTips out of my own pocket. I write the Tips, record the videos, and publish them in my own time and for no pay, using equipment and software I’ve bought myself.

I pay for web hosting, backups and some of the software behind the site.

While MacTips was small I just included the costs in my general activities, but those costs are increasing and I need the help of my readers and supporters.

MacTips needs a good web server

MacTips serves up 60 or 70 gigabytes of text and images each month. The Virtual Private Server we switched to last year costs $40 per month.

We backup with VaultPress
VaultPress Premium plan.

VaultPress Premium plan.

VaultPress handles backups and watches out for malicious activity. That’s another $50 per month.

We keep spammers at bay with Akismet

Akismet, the crucial anti-spam plugin, has protected us from an incredible 26,084 spam comments in the last 12 months (around 70 per day on average). That’s $5 per month too.

Miscellaneous costs

I also use a paid theme and a paid form for contacting me, so $10 per month covers them and similar paid services that come up from time to time.

MacTips needs at least $1,260 per year

That brings the total required outgoings to $105 per month, or $1260 per year. This year I’d also like to get some graphics work done and want to allow and extra $300 for that. New total: $1,560.

That doesn’t in any way account for my time — around 6 to 8 hours per week — or the hardware and software I use, including a new microphone I bought last year for better sound quality on the videos.

I pay out of my own pocket for the upgrades that let me stay up to date in my Tips.

But there’s advertising and affiliate sales

For the last while I’ve included ads on MacTips, and more recently affiliate sales. I see that income as a small compensation for the time I spend learning and creating new Tips. The income’s very erratic and fluctuates enormously.

Be the one who makes a difference

I’m running a 1-month only Subscription Drive.

Make a donation or buy a subscription

If every single reader and website visitor in April were to give just $1 MacTips would be set up, financially, for the next year.

So how about it? What’s MacTips really worth to you? Will you donate even $1 (maybe per week)? Would you even donate the equivalent of a cup of coffee, a book or a workshop to make up for the visitors who don’t donate anything?

The Fine Print

Buy a 1-year MacTips subscription this April. Your subscription helps pay for hosting, anti-spam protection, good backups and development for the next year.

And you’ll get that good feeling of supporting a valuable resource for the Mac community — all for the spare change in your pocket.

How about paying what you feel MacTips is worth to you?

Your subscription registers you as a supporter for 1 year, until March 2013. If you wish, your name will be added to a Supporters page on the site.

MacTips Supporter subs entitle you to a live link to your website. With around 110,000 visitors per month that’s cheap advertising for a business. Pay a MacTips Best Friends Forever sub and I’ll add your logo.

Sign up for a MacTips and Double Rainbows all the way sub and I’ll add your name and URL to the end credits of my MacTips videos too.

I reserve the right to not publish links to sites I find objectionable or unsuitable for publication on MacTips, such as adult sites or sites promoting illegal goods or activities.

Paid subscriptions renew every 12 months until you cancel. The Tips remain free to all comers, but MacTips really does need your help. A donation of any size will help MacTips survive and thrive for another year. Sign up now.

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