Work less, do more with 22 Tempting Timesavers the ebook

Announcing: 22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users

Save time. Save energy. Save frustration.

22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users
is available from as a Kindle book (US$4.40) — no Kindle required. This is the first Kindle ebook from

The 22 Tips and techniques in this ebook are sure to save you time as you use your Mac. Whether you’re a raw beginner or an experienced user you will find tips here for work and play with your Mac.

You don’t need a Kindle device to read this ebook — you can read it on your Mac, iPhone or iPad using the free Kindle software — search the App Store for your device for Kindle.

I’ve drawn on Tips from the website and written extra Tips too. Each Tip in this book is complete in itself, but where the website has more information that could help, well, I’ve added a link right there in the book for you.

22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users.

22 Tempting Timesavers for Mac Users.

Find quick ways to name files or save them to the right place. Find out how to quickly move around in the Finder or call up web browser bookmarks. Find out how to clean up your workspace with the press of a key, or how to have your Mac read you stories. Looking for one particular thing on a long web page? This books shows you how to find it in an instant. Trouble reading tiny print? This book shows you how to zoom in for a better look.

If you read MacTips, please buy this ebook. You’ll like the Tips, I’m sure, but you’re also helping to support the site. It’s only the price of a coffee. In fact, why not read it with a coffee (or my preferred beverage, green tea)?

And please, leave a review at Amazon after you’ve read the book. Reviews help sales. Sales help me. And that means I can get on with the job of writing more free Tips for you all.

Thanks for reading MacTips, and for telling others about the Tips.

Now, don’t you have something you’re supposed to be doing? ;-)

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