Farewell 2011; thanks for all the MacTips support; welcome 2012

First, thanks so much to all MacTips readers — you’re discerning and friendly. Your support during 2011 has meant a great deal to me.

Some of you just read, while others send comments or Tip suggestions or questions. Some have even written Tips for me.

MacTips page views.

MacTips page views, year by year. Currently around 115,000 per month.

Here’s a full-size version of that pageviews graph, if you want to see the numbers. It’s very gratifying that MacTips shows steady growth, month by month and year by year.

35 of you paid a voluntary subscription during the April Make MacTips Happy Month. Many have clicked the ads that help pay the bills (nearly 4,000 clicks in 2011), or bought products through my affiliate links (almost 180 Take Control books).

In the lean year that was 2011 that actual financial support has been extremely important. As a freelancer I depend on many small income trickles. :-)

I also owe thanks to my wonderful partner Deb who provides moral and other support.

Our core subscribers

MacTips has a loyal core support base. As I write we have:

  1. 2155 readers who get posts by email or RSS.
  2. 522 Twitter followers
  3. 317 Likes on our Facebook page
  4. 291 YouTube subscribers
  5. 7 members on LinkedIn
  6. I, uh, haven’t yet come to grips with Google+.

I expect some readers are represented in all those groups.

Your comments

As for Comments — some people email their comments directly to me, others helpfully leave their comments directly at the website. MacTips has a total of 1,360 comments (not all from this year).

Unfortunately the biggest group of commenters is the spammers. Recently the Akismet service has protected MacTips from 42,900 spam comments.

Your feedback is a real buzz! I love helping people use their Apple stuff better, and I love hearing what helps. Sometimes it’s what seems to be the simplest thing.

Ever-climbing page views

What also keeps me going, after your comments, is the number of people visiting and viewing MacTips. Back in July 2007 we had an average of 291 page views per day. In November 2011 we had 3,845.

An interesting factoid is that every Christmas for the past couple of years the visitor numbers skyrocket, on account of the post that explains how to move icons around on an iPhone or iPad screen. The numbers fall off again fairly quickly, but each burst pushes us up to a new level for the year.

MacTips visitors in 2011.

MacTips visitors in 2011.

Google Analytics gives me great statistics, though I’m still learning all the ins and outs of what the numbers mean.

One of the most interesting stats is that around 83% of all visitors are new to MacTips — or what Google Analytics considers new, in that they may not have visited for a long time or using the same computer or device.

Also 55% of visitors come from the USA.

MacTips YouTube channel

I started making videos and publishing them on YouTube in June 2009. I’ve published 73 videos in total.

2011 MacTips YouTube viewers.

2011 MacTips YouTube viewers.

In 2011 there were 75,338 views and 70 comments. We also added 136 subscribers.

26% of viewers on YouTube are female, 74% male. 70% of viewers are aged 45 and over.

Personal support

A few years ago — at the end of 2008 — I was burned out. I had to take a break from providing personal tuition.

I’m now ready to take on a very few clients for private training. And it’s not just available to locals in Wellington, New Zealand where I live. I can provide training and support over the Internet for others too.

If you’re interested in some personal tuition with your Mac or iOS device please contact me for more information. I accept payment via PayPal for those not in New Zealand.

Where to next

I’m taking a couple of weeks off writing actual Tips, but plan to bring one or two Tips each week in 2012.

I aim to provide high-quality, useful and practical Tips for people who use Apple products.

I hope to bring more Tips from guest writers.

I also aim to keep producing videos for some Tips and to keep up with new releases of the Mac and iOS operating systems.

I’m hoping to again double the number of readers and with any luck more than double my income from MacTips. In April I’ll run another subscription / donation drive to cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the site.

I hope you’ll take part in all of this with me in 2012: reading the Tips, watching the videos, leaving comments and suggestions. Thanks so much for your support in 2011.

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