Open a set of browser bookmarks in separate Tabs

Open a set of browser bookmarks in separate Tabs
Mac Tip #495, 20 July 2011

I often need to open groups of web pages — for example the Comments pages for both MacTips and KnowIT (and a couple of other sites too). It’s part of my morning routine to check all those pages. Opening them as a group is easier and quicker than opening them one at a time.

Here’s how you can open sets of favourite pages too, whether you use Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or OmniWeb.

Mainstream web browsers

There are many web browsers for the Mac, but the mainstream ones are Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and OmniWeb. I use OmniWeb, Safari and Firefox frequently, but don’t often open Chrome or Opera.

Caveat: I use the latest versions of all web browsers. This may not work the same in older versions. Versions used for this Tip:

  • OmniWeb-5.11/GM-v622.16, Revision: 151183
  • Safari Version 5.0.5 (6533.21.1)
  • Firefox 5.0.1
  • Chrome 13.0.782.55 beta
  • Opera 11.50. Build 1074
OmniWeb Workspace showing half a dozen tabs in the drawer.

OmniWeb Workspace showing half a dozen tabs in the drawer.

Workspaces gather sets of web pages

Each browser has its strengths and unique features, but one of my favorites is OmniWeb’s Workspaces. In a drawer on the side you see a thumbnail of each tab that’s open. Click a thumbnail to bring that tab to the front. In the screenshot I’m checking emails trapped by the Postini spam filter.

I have about 20 workspaces in OmniWeb, with sets of pages for client projects, my own projects, sending MacTips, and other activities.

Create an OmniWeb Workspace

To create a Workspace in OmniWeb first choose New Workspace from the Workspaces menu. A small window appears where you can enter a name for this set of pages. Give your workspace a useful name and click the OK button.

Then open a set of pages in separate tabs.

You can now access that Workspace at any time from the Workspaces menu.

Save pages in a Bookmark Folder

In most other web browsers add a folder in the Bookmarks. For example, I added a folder called mySites. Create as many folders as you like. You may have one folder for each project, for example.

Safari Open in Tabs.

Safari Open in Tabs.

Open each web page you want to save in a set. Bookmark that page inside your chosen folder.

Safari: Open folder contents in Tabs

To open a set of web pages select the folder from the Bookmarks menu and choose Open in Tabs from the submenu.

My pages have opened in Tabs in Safari.

My pages have opened in Tabs in Safari.

The screenshot shows my Safari window with 4 tabs ready to read.

Opera: Open All Folder Items

Opera: Open All Folder Items.

Opera: Open All Folder Items.

In Opera choose Open all Folder Items rather than Open in Tabs.

Chrome: Open All Bookmarks

Chrome: Open All Bookmarks.

Chrome: Open All Bookmarks.

In Google Chrome the command is Open All Bookmarks.

In Firefox Open All in Tabs

Firefox Open All in Tabs.

Firefox Open All in Tabs.

In Firefox choose Open All in Tabs.

All browsers open a set of pages

In all browsers the set of web pages opens up as a set of Tabs.

Try this Tip out and let us know if it makes any difference to how you work. I’d go crazy without my OmniWeb Workspaces.

And try out the other web browsers I’ve mentioned too. They’re all free. You may find you prefer different browsers for different tasks.

Tell us about your experiences with Safari tabs in the Comments at Could you write a guest MacTip? If so, contact Miraz.

Credit where it’s due

This Tip was written by Miraz Jordan,, and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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