Share a movie from QuickTime Player 10

Share a movie from QuickTime Player 10
Mac Tip #473, 09 February 2011

After you’ve made a movie with QuickTime Player 10 (see Star in your own short movies) it’s easy to share it via YouTube, MobileMe or iTunes. That means you can send the YouTube or MobileMe link to friends, put the movie on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and maybe send it to an AppleTV.

Here’s how to share your QuickTime Player 10 movie.

Menu Bar or Control Bar?

Quicktime share button.

Quicktime share button.

There are 2 places to find the commands for sharing movies. Choose where to send a movie from the Share menu, or make your choice from the share icon at the right hand end of the Movie Controller. Which one you choose makes no difference.

How to send the movie to iTunes (and so iPhone etc)

Quicktime share to iTunes.

Quicktime share to iTunes.

Once you have a movie in iTunes, in the right format, you can watch it on your computer, send it to Apple TV, or put it on your iOS device to watch on the go.

Some of the options may be greyed out and not available to you. That depends on the original size and quality of the movie you want to send.

For example, I made a Medium quality movie of myself using the built-in iSight camera. The only iTunes option available to me was for iPhone & iPod.

On the other hand, I made a High quality recording of my computer screen. As the screenshot shows, I was able to choose to make a small version for iPhone, a medium version for Apple TV or a high quality version for computer.

My movie in the Movies section of iTunes.

My exported movie in the Movies section of iTunes.

To send a movie to iTunes choose iTunes… from the Share menu or button. A dialog appears where you may be able to choose the size and quality of the movie, as explained above. After you choose a size and click the Share button the movie is exported, and iTunes opens.

In my experiments iTunes did not then show me the movie that had just been added.

To find the exported movie in iTunes look under Movies in the Library section of the main iTunes window.

How to upload the movie to YouTube or MobileMe

I don’t have a MobileMe account, so can’t test or show you how to use that service. It should be much the same as for YouTube though.

Share a movie to YouTube.

Share a movie to YouTube.

First make sure you have a MobileMe or YouTube account, and make sure you know the details to log in to that account: username and password.

To send a movie to YouTube choose YouTube… from the Share menu or button. A YouTube login dialog box appears. Enter your correct information and click the Sign In button.

I was easily able to send a movie to my personal YouTube account, but failed numerous times to send it to my PracticalMacTips YouTube Channel. I think I just had the wrong username and password combination for the MacTips channel, although I can log in fine on a web page.

Share to YouTube progress bar.

Share to YouTube progress bar.

A window appears where you must fill in items such as a title, tags for your movie and a description, and you must select the Category. You can also opt to make the movie personal, rather than public. Make your choices and then click the Next button.

A Terms of Service alert appears from YouTube appears next. Read what it says and click the Share button if you are able to comply with the terms.

A progress bar appears, showing how your export is proceeding.

The video is now available on YouTube.

The video is now available on YouTube.

Before long the progress window should show you that everything is complete. It should also give you a link you can click to see the movie on a web page.

Click that link, or just visit your YouTube channel to see the movie.

Then remember to tell your friends about your movie, and maybe embed it in your blog.

Tell us in the Comments at the website how you’ve got on with sharing movies from QuickTime Player 10.

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  1. Martin Speake said:

    Quicktime was great for a while uploading to youtube.
    Now it has got stuck in the export progress as i am trying to share anotther movie on youtube but it has been doing it for more than 24 hours and i have cancelled it but nothing happens it still looks like it is trying to export. Is there a way of deleting all of this export progress and starting again?

  2. megan d. said:

    Too bad when you upload a video to youtube through QT10 there is no sound attached!!! WTH?

    • Miraz Jordan said:

      I had that problem too actually. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot though so thought it may just be a setting on my Mac. Darned nuisance!

  3. Rob said:

    Except… it’s hanging on the “Waiting for YouTube to process video…” for well over an hour now :(

    albeit, i’m uploading 6 videos at the maximum 10mins limit

  4. Wieland Hartwig said:

    Does anybody know how to install an older version of QT (i.e. QT7 – the one that lets you do timelapse video) over the newer versions? Just deleting the newer version doesn’t work for me.

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