Keep your keyboard clean the easy way

Keep your keyboard clean the easy way
Quick Mac Tip, 12 December 2010

Somehow dust, fluff and cat hair find their way onto my MacBook Pro’s keyboard, even though I try to keep it scrupulously clean. A $2 paintbrush is the answer to easy cleaning.

My cheap paintbrush on my keyboard.

My cheap paintbrush resting on my keyboard.

Out damned fluff

I’m the kind of person who likes to keep my computer clean, especially the keyboard. Annoyed by the bits of fluff and cat hair that always seem to find their way in, I found a great solution: a cheap, soft paintbrush.

When blowing vigorously, and fiddling with bits of paper didn’t work to remove sundry dust, fluff and hair I had a bright idea. Next time I was near a shop that sells ridiculously cheap products I looked for a paintbrush.

The brush needs to be soft, with very flexible bristles, and not too wide.

Most important of all, keep it separate from everything else and don’t use it for any other purpose.

From time to time I gently clean my keyboard with the dry brush. The bristles get in between the keys to sweep away loose debris. Problem solved, for $2.

What’s your favourite computer cleaning tip? Tell us in the Comments. If you’d like to write a guest MacTip contact me.


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  1. blackmacmac said:

    get a brush: this is what I should do too:)

  2. Miraz Jordan said:

    Ross emailed:

    I too like to have my laptop nice and clean.

    Whether what I do to achieve this is a good thing or not I don’t know. However I have been using this method for the last few years with my present laptop. It seems to have done no harm.

    I use methylated spirits and a small spray bottle plus tissues. I even spray the screen and wipe it gently. So far no damage.

  3. Wieland Hartwig said:

    I use a make-up brush from the 2$-shop. VERY soft and gentle. I also use that brush for my camera gear. I make sure to keep it wrapped and separate so that it does not get contaminated with oily substances (if possible).


    I originally got this Mac Tips via my Gmail account. In that message, the link for “Tell us in the Comments” is shown as active (blue colour) and the cursor changes when hovering over the link, but nothing at all seems to happen when I click that “Tell us in the Comments”-link.

    • Miraz Jordan said:

      Thanks for the feedback, Wieland.

      I’ve set the Tell us in the Comments link to be a relative link, so if you’re reading on the web page it should work correctly. Unfortunately that won’t work for the emailed item. I’ll have to think about whether and how I could make it work for both.



  4. AshishG said:

    I use the same for even cleaning motherboard, CPU cooler, and fan, once in a while. They collect a LOT of dust where I live.

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