Know what? KnowIT helps Mac users too

Know what? KnowIT helps Mac users too
Quick Mac Tip, 21 November 2010

Mac-related articles at KnowIT.

Mac-related articles at KnowIT.

Although I started MacTips way back in 1999, the format has always been very structured. MacTips has aimed to deliver one practical Tip per week, no more, no less.

That’s changing now, but in the last decade I’ve added more than 800 articles over at my KnowIT blog that deal with Macs, iPods, iPads, iPhone and the software they use.

Some of those articles are tutorials, some are more in the nature of commentary. Some are just links, thoughts or reactions. Some are about ‘other’ things, but with a heavy Mac flavour.

These are some of the more popular posts over there that might be of interest to MacTips readers:

  1. How to use YouTube Videos in a Keynote presentation
  2. Video Podcasts on the iPod touch
  3. Increase the MacBook’s volume
  4. Install templates for Pages 08
  5. Apple iPhone text alert silliness
  6. Tips for using iPod touch with Twitter, Gmail and RSS feeds
  7. The best Twitter client for Macs
  8. Newbies Guide to Keynote
  9. Adjust Mac volume by quarter units
  10. 5 favourite fun and useful iPad apps

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Do you have any stories about ejecting drives (or failing to)? Tell us in the Comments.

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  1. notevenao said:

    third time lucky!!
    hardware-imac, less than a year old. Apple sent out technicians 3 times.
    problem-not ejecting, dvd got stuck in the drive.

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