2 quick tips for changing your Mac’s volume

2 quick tips for changing your Mac’s volume
Mac Tip #455, 22 September 2010

At the 2010 CreativeTech conference I presented a session of 50 MacTips. These two were about changing your Mac’s volume:

  1. Change volume silently
  2. Change volume by ¼ steps

I figure the topics that interested the people who attended my session would also benefit my readers. These are quick tips, with few instructions. Enjoy.


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Change volume silently

Usually if you press the hardware keys on your Mac’s keyboard to increase or decrease the volume you hear a ‘blip’ sound for each increment. To change the volume silently hold down the Shift (⇧) key while you press the volume key.

Quarter volume increments.

Quarter volume increments.

Change volume by ¼ steps

Each time you press the hardware volume key on the keyboard it increases or decreases the volume by one unit. Hold down the Shift (⇧) and Option (⌥) keys together while you press the volume key. Now the volume will change by quarter units.

Tell us in the Comments about your experiences doing these things. Have you found any other great Tips for these actions? Share them with us.

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  1. blackmacmac said:

    interesting. This is useful when I watch YouTube, since I often have to go adjust the volume there. Thanks for sharing.

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