50/50 MacTips in September 2010 in Auckland

In September 2010 I’ll be presenting at Creative Tech, at the AUT, 55 Wellesley St in Auckland:

Creative Tech.

Creative Tech.

CreativeTech is the new technology forum about all things Apple. Expert guest speakers offer a broad mix of ‘byte-sized’ talks or presentations, from practical ‘how to’ showcases of the latest Apple, Adobe, FileMaker and Microsoft software, to advanced developing for the iPhone and iPad, and expert insights into tomorrow’s technologies.

Kiwis: I hope we’ll see you in person at CreativeTech. If you’re a MacTips reader, please come up and introduce yourself.

I’ll present 50 Mac Tips in 50 minutes on Saturday 11 September 2010 at 1:00 pm in Lecture Room 2.

50 Tips in 50 minutes is quite a challenge. I need to get busy soon with putting them together.

Clearly, to fit 50 tips into 50 minutes they really do need to be tips, and not tutorials. Each one will be short and sweet: things like quick key commands, speedy ways to access functions, nifty things you might not have noticed.

I’ll be drawing heavily on this MacTips website with its archive of hundreds of practical Tips for those who use Apple products.

I’m open to suggestions too though. I wrote a blog post over at KnowIT about this. Please use the form over there to send your suggestions: 50/50 MacTips — can you suggest a Tip?

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