Import bookmarks from another browser

Import bookmarks from another browser
Mac Tip #441, 16 June 2010

A few Bookmarks in Firefox.

A few Bookmarks in Firefox.

As new versions of web browsers appear, offering new features, you may decide to switch from one browser to another. If you do that though you probably won’t want to leave your bookmarks behind. Here’s how to export and import browser bookmarks.


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Organize or Manage Bookmarks

Bookmarks are sometimes called Favorites, or some other name, but most web browsers provide a way to organise them.

Firefox Bookmarks Library window.

Firefox Bookmarks Library window.

For example, if you use Firefox, you’ll find a Bookmarks menu item which contains the Organize Bookmarks… submenu. When you choose to Organize Bookmarks… a new Bookmarks Library window opens up showing you all your Bookmarks, probably sorted into different folders.

In Safari the menu item is called Show All Bookmarks. The window that opens displays not only Bookmarks, but other items too, such as your browsing History.

In Google Chrome the menu item is called Bookmark Manager.

Export and Import Bookmarks

I was going to write a longer Tip about Exporting a file of Bookmarks from one web browser and then Importing that file into another one. There’s an easier way though: Drag and Drop.

Drag and Drop Bookmarks

To add Bookmarks from one browser into another first open both Bookmark windows. Now drag bookmarks from one window to another. The bookmarks are copied to the new browser.

Now you’re done.

If you still want to use Export and Import, just look around the menus for those options.

  • In Safari Export Bookmarks… and Import Bookmarks… are under the File menu.
  • In Google Chrome open the Bookmark Manager and then look under the Organize item in the Bookmark Manager window.
  • In Firefox open the Bookmarks Library window, select some Bookmarks and then look under the ‘star’ icon button in the Toolbar of the Library window.

Tell us in the Comments at the website your experiences with moving Bookmarks around.

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