Top 20 Tips for Apple users

Top 20 Tips for Apple users
Mac Tip #424, 17 February 2010

Each full Mac Tip takes between 3 and 6 hours to craft. This week deadlines have collided, so I’m bringing you a roundup of the 20 most popular Tips.

Check them out — you may have missed them the first time they were published.

iPhone, iChat and Automator Tips are the most popular on the website. Have you seen these:

iPhone page indicator dots. I am on page 2 of 4.

iPhone page indicator dots. I’m on page 2 of 4.

  1. Arrange Application icons on the iPhone
  2. Set up iChat
  3. Resize images with Automator
  4. Check your battery's health with System Profiler
  5. Clean up a Thumb Drive
  6. Save a YouTube video
  7. Share files easily with Dropbox
  8. The Safari Bookmarks Bar
  9. Navigate Leopard Spaces
  10. What to do with the Num Lock Key

Watch the video

It was around 8 months ago that I set up a MacTips YouTube Channel. Please subscribe!


At the YouTube Channel, the most popular videos are:

  1. Use iTunes to arrange apps on your iPhone or iPod touch
  2. How to restore files from Apple Time Machine
  3. How to Trim a Movie with Quicktime Player 10
  4. How to change the Wallpaper on the iPod touch
  5. How to organise files with Hazel
  6. Annotate PDFs with Apple’s Preview
  7. How to Move and Resize the Mac OS X Dock
  8. How to merge and split Safari windows
  9. How to do a quick Zoom on your Mac laptop
  10. Meet the Snow Leopard Dictionary

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Look in next week for a new full-length practical Tip.

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