How to validate fonts

How to validate fonts
Mac Tip #404, 30 September 2009

When fonts go bad they can cause all kinds of problems. Font Book helps you locate and delete bad fonts.

I had some problems recently with Photoshop. Every time I selected a particular font the application would crash. I figured the font was the problem, so turned to Font Book.

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Font Book.

Font Book.

Font Book

The Font Book application comes with every new Mac. Find it in the Applications folder, and double click to open it.

The Font Book window lists all the fonts installed on your Mac. To validate one or more fonts:

  1. Select the fonts to validate in the list of fonts.
  2. Choose Validate Fonts from the File menu. A Font Validation window opens and shows the results of validation. A green check mark indicates that font passed validation. A red x beside a font tells you there is a problem.

Delete fonts

If the Font Validation found any problems and you’d like to delete those problem fonts:

  1. Check the box beside the problem font in the Font Validation window.
  2. Click on the Remove Checked button at the bottom of the Font Validation window. An alert appears. Click to confirm, and the fonts are deleted.

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