How to subscribe to MacTips

These days it’s possible to:

Subscribe by Email · Subscribe to the MacTips feed · Follow MacTips on Twitter. · Follow us on YouTube. · Join MacTips on Facebook.

  • subscribe to the MacTips YouTube channel,
  • visit the MacTips website,
  • receive MacTips via RSS feeds in your newsreader,
  • receive brief MacTips notices on Twitter,
  • follow MacTips on Facebook, and even
  • subscribe to receive MacTips by email (with pictures) through Feedburner.

That’s 6 different ways to receive MacTips.

I’ve just moved MacTips to a new server, so I’d have to set up the original mailing list all over again. But I’d rather spend my time writing more and better Tips for my readers.

The emails you can sign up for via Feedburner are gorgeous. They’re way better than the emails from the original mailing list, and they just happen automatically. I don’t have to reformat the Tip, prepare a special email, send it at the right time or maintain the mailing list.

Please take action now

If you’d like to be automatically notified of new MacTips please take one or more of the following actions:

  1. Sign up for MacTips emails via Feedburner
  2. Sign up for the MacTips RSS feed
  3. Join the MacTips Facebook Page
  4. Subscribe to the MacTips YouTube channel (PracticalMacTips)
  5. Follow MacTips on Twitter (tips4mac)

The Feedburner emails and RSS feeds contain the full text and images from each Tip.

I thrive on feedback

I love getting your feedback, and suggestions for MacTips topics.

With my best regards,
Miraz Jordan

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