How to Edit text ‘capsules’

How to Edit text ‘capsules’
Mac Tip #396, 05 August 2009

Has the Mac grabbed something you just typed and turned it into a ‘capsule’? Here’s how to edit the capsule.

Mars Edit tags capsule example

Edit a capsule in Mars Edit.

Edit a capsule in Mars Edit.

Type a tag for your blog post into the Tags field of Mars Edit. Once the tag is complete it turns into a ‘capsule’. What say you spot a typo in the encapsulated tag? address capsule example

Type an email address into the To: or Cc: field in Apple’s If the address is recognised as being in your Address Book it turns into a blue ‘capsule’ displaying the recipient’s name. Note: this behaviour may differ according to the Settings you’ve chosen.

What say you now notice some typo, or are not sure which specific email address you chose for that person? formula capsule example

Type a formula into a spreadsheet and once it’s complete the formula turns into a capsule in the entry bar. What say you want to change the formula?

You need to edit the ‘capsule’.

Other software may also turn text into a capsule once it’s recognised or complete.

Choose capsule options

The capsules in and both display a small arrow at the right-hand end when you hover over them. Click the arrow to reveal various options. In, for example, options include alternate email addresses for that recipient. In options include alternate forms of the formula.

If one of those options is appropriate, select it from the list.

Double click to edit the capsule

One listed option may be to edit the text in the capsule.

If that option is not available double click the capsule itself. After you double click the ‘capsule’ disappears and is replaced by normal, editable text.

Remember to watch the movie (about 1.5 minutes) where I show some capsules and two ways to edit them:


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