Major changes to the MacTips website

Thanks so much for being a MacTips reader. More Tips will start flowing soon as 2009 really gets underway.

As I warned recently, I have just made some drastic changes to the MacTips website. With any luck you won’t see anything different, but the most important change has been to the base address. I’ve moved the Tips from a subdirectory to the main directory.

In other words, the ‘home’ of the Tips used to be Now it is the shorter and simpler:

This may lead to quirks and problems: perhaps some images are missing, or some links may be broken, or a post you expect to see may have disappeared. I hope not …

If you come across any problems please help out by reporting them via my Contact form. Remember to give as much, as specific, information as you can to help me correct the problem.

And remember: I’d love for you to share the Tips with others, provided you link back to and keep to the terms of the Creative Commons licence: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike. That means: share with others, attribute the Tips to me, and don’t share the Tips for commercial purposes — ie don’t use the Tips themselves as a way of making money.

Miraz Jordan.

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