Enlarge Finder Icons

Enlarge Finder Icons
Mac Tip #338, 14 May 2008

Mac OS X Leopard gives us all kinds of options for viewing Finder windows. The next few Tips will help you make the most of any Finder window.

Icon View

A Finder window containing 9 images.

A Finder window containing 9 images.

My screenshot shows a Finder window containing 9 images — screenshots of how my wireless connection is set up. I chose to view these files as icons. To view icons go to the View menu in Finder and choose as Icons or press Command 1.

I like my files tidy, and arranged in alphabetical order, so I also went to the Finder’s View menu and chose Clean Up and Arrange By > Name (Command Control 1).

View - Arrange By options

View - Arrange By options

I could instead choose to arrange by Date Modified, Date Created, Size, Kind or Label, each with its own key combination.

Of special interest is the bottom item in the Finder’s View menu: Show View Options (Command J). Choose that item and a world of options opens up to you.

Set loads of options in the View Options.

Set loads of options in the View Options.

In my screenshot you can see that I chose for this folder window to always open in icon view, with icons 48 pixels by 48, and stacked close together on a grid.

I set the text size to be fairly large (16 points), and to appear to the right of the icon, instead of below it.

I opted to show item info, so the size of my images (in pixels) is displayed, as is a preview of each screenshot.

In the View Options window the Arrange by Name button puts file 02 below file 01 (ie it sorts down then across), where in my first screenshot you can see that the View By Name menu item put file 02 to the right of file 01 (ie it sorts across then down). You can also sort by other criteria.

Finally, I set a non-white background color for the window, but I could also have selected an image.

If you like to view some or all of your Finder windows by icon, then explore the View Options window.

If you prefer to view Finder windows as a list or some other way, then watch out for future Tips.

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