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  1. Norbert C. Ballauer said:

    I have been using 1Password for a while now and I have found that it works fine with Sarari but does not work with Firefox I haven’t try it yet with Firefox

  2. Miraz Jordan said:

    I’ve experimented with Camino in the past, but for some reason it’s never ‘stuck’. My browser of most use seems to be OmniWeb, followed by both Flock and Safari.

  3. Bob Bolobar said:

    1Password works well with Camino.
    A question for you: Have you used Camino?
    How does it work for you?
    I find it superior to Firefox on the Mac platform and comparable to Safari. I prefer Camino while knowing that this is completely subjective.

  4. Miraz Jordan said:

    Mainly I was reducing the amount I quoted from their website and I haven’t actually used Camino with 1Password myself.

    Here’s what they say on their site: “Mac users love the fact that 1Passwd works seamlessly in all popular OS X browsers: Safari, OmniWeb, DEVONagent, FireFox, Camino, and Flock!”

    I’m very happy for readers to contribute their thoughts and experiences here in the comments. Have you used 1Password with Camino? Can you tell us how it works for you?

  5. Bob Bolobar said:

    Why don’t you include Camino in lists of browsers?

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