Font Tips

Font Tips
Mac Tip #309/03-Oct-2007

Let’s say you’re using Apple’s, Numbers, TextEdit, or any of the many applications that allow you to choose fonts as part of your work.

The Font panel

The Font panel

You’ve selected some text on screen and want to change its font family, size or colour, or perhaps to underline it or add a shadow. Many times there will be a toolbar button you can use, otherwise press Command T to call up the Font panel. The window that appears will probably look rather like the one in the screenshot.

Now you can select the font, face and size from the lists. The selected text changes immediately, according to your choices.

If the Toolbar with buttons that my screenshot displays isn’t visible on your computer click on the Gear icon at the bottom left of the font panel and choose Show Effects. See the last screenshot.

Use the first 4 buttons across the top to choose Text Underline, Strikethrough, Text Color and Document (Background) Color. Click the arrow beside each one to choose a specific option, such as a single or double underline.

Note that hovering the cursor over the button without clicking brings up a tooltip telling you what the button does.

Extreme shadow settings on the font.

Extreme shadow settings on the font.

The Text Shadow setting needs several buttons. Click the T button to apply a shadow, then use the sliders and Angle wheel to customise the shadow.

If you’re having trouble seeing the effects enlarge the font size and use a huge shadow (slide the sliders all the way to the right) so you can see what’s happening. Then you can reduce the settings to something more modest for actual use. The screenshot shows some extreme settings.

At the bottom of the font panel are a plus and minus button, and a gear icon.

Dragging the Copperplate font on to the Demo collection

Dragging the Copperplate font on to the Demo collection

Click the + button to add a Collection. A New item appears in the Collections list. Name it with something meaningful to you — for example, if you’re working with a particular group of fonts required for one project, you may use that project name. In my screenshot below I’ve simply called my new collection Demo. To remove a Collection select it and click the - button.

The collections list is just like a Playlist in iTunes — add and remove fonts as a way of keeping them in a convenient group. Removing a font from a collection does not remove it from the Library or the machine.

To add a font to a collection locate it and drag it on to the Collection name. My screenshot shows me dragging the Copperplate font on to the Demo collection.

The Gear menu offers a lot of possibilities.

The Gear menu offers a lot of possibilities.

To remove a font from a particular Collection drag the font out of the list — to the top, right or bottom. The font disappears in a puff of smoke.

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