Laptop Power Cords

Laptop Power Cords
Mac Tip #301/08-August-2007

A friend who was visiting with her Mac laptop pulled the power adapter from her bag and unravelled the cord from the other objects tangled up in it.

I asked why she didn’t use the wrapping handles and clip Apple had provided. Her answer was: What are they? Perhaps you don’t know either.

When you unpack a new MacBook or MacBook Pro you should find the power adapter itself — a rectangular white ‘box’ with a cord that plugs into the computer; a power cord with a wall plug at one end; and a power plug to go into the wall.

The photo shows these 3 items, with plugs suitable for New Zealand.

If you’re averse to cables, or there is only a short distance between the computer and the wall plug, then attach the power plug directly to the adapter.

This is also handy if you’re travelling and need to save space.

If you need a longer stretch then attach the power cable to the adapter.

When you want to take the power adapter, with its attached cord, on the road with you, flip out the ‘wings’ and wrap the cord around them. Look carefully at the corners of the adapter to spot the folded in ‘wings’. They’re located on the same side as the cord itself.

Wrap the cord around the ‘wings’ — not too tightly as you don’t want to put strain on the cord — and use the small clip on the cord to fasten the end of the cord to one of the loops.

Your power adapter and cord are now tidy and snug. As for the long cord — I generally put the two ends together, fold that length in half, then make a simple loose ‘knot’ to hold it all together.

Happy travels.

Update, July 2008: Sam, who comments below, has sent me the photo he refers to.

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  1. Miraz Jordan said:

    Good choice of place to live, Linda. :-)

    The joy of a laptop is that you can use it anywhere – it was designed that way. The only thing you’ll need is the correct shape prongs to go into the power point on the wall. Buy a standard cable when you get here, or one of those adapter thingies that just gives you the correct prongs.

    As for wireless – that’s the same everywhere as well, as far as I know.

    Which part of NZ are you moving to?

  2. Linda said:

    I’m moving from Canada to New Zealand :) :) and need to know how to make my Mac laptop work on NZ power. Is the wireless access compatible as well?
    thanks Love Linda

  3. Sam said:

    You can actually wrap both the long cord and the thin one around the same adapter… First wrap the long one around it between the legs, then when finished wrap the thinner one over the long one as described here. I would show an image but I don’t seem to have that option.

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