Customise Toolbars

Customise Toolbars
Mac Tip #299/25-July-2007

Many programs include a Toolbar at the top of the window. Even Finder windows have a Toolbar. Look under the View menu and choose Show Toolbar, if you don’t see a Toolbar in Finder windows. You can also click the ‘lozenge’ in the top right corner of the window to toggle Sidebar and Toolbar display.

You can customize the items in the toolbar: add icons, remove icons and move icons around. And that’s not just in the Finder, but in many programs, including, Safari and Preview, as well as many third-party applications.

Using the Finder as an example, open a window and ensure the toolbar is visible. Now either Control click on the Toolbar or go to the View menu and choose Customize Toolbar…. A sheet appears containing various icons. The specific icons that are available depend on the program.

To add a new icon drag it from the sheet to the place on the Toolbar where you want it to appear. For example, I like to have the Delete button in the Toolbar, but I don’t like to put it close to any other icon I might click, in case I accidentally delete something. I drag the Delete button to the right-hand side, next to the Search field.

Move an icon to any other location by dragging it. To remove an icon drag it down into the sheet where it disappears in a puff of smoke.

Choose an appropriate setting from the Show pop-up: text only, icons only, or both text and icons. Check the Small Size box, if you prefer small icons or text.

When you’re happy with your choices click the Done button. The screenshot shows that I’ve added an Info and a Delete button to my Toolbar.

Investigate the Toolbar options in every program you use. Remove those buttons you never use, and see if you can add buttons for things you’d normally get from the menu bar. You’ll enjoy your computer just a tad more.


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