The Software Series: .pkg Installer Files

The Software Series: .pkg Installer Files
Mac Tip #291/30-May-2007

Sometimes software you download ends up as a .pkg file after you’ve uncompressed it. The icon shows a distinctive yellow package inside a brown box.

If there’s no ReadMe file to tell you what to do, then the simple answer is that you double-click the .pkg file.

This usually starts up an installer. Read what appears on screen and click the Continue button to go ahead and install the software. There are usually several screens to work through, often including a license agreement, and sometimes a serial number if you paid for the software.

You may need to choose a destination disc: that would normally be the Macintosh HD. You may also need to enter the password for your computer. Once finished, the installer will let you know it has successfully installed the software. Click the Close or Finish button to quit the installer.

You can now delete the .pkg file as it has done its job.

Some software forces you to restart your computer once the installer has finished. It should warn you beforehand though and give you the opportunity to delay the installation.

Next week: Apple Software Updates.

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