Who’s using my RAM?

Who’s using my RAM?
Mac Tip #285/18-April-2007

In last week’s Tip I wrote: …you should be careful with widgets. Each open widget uses some of the available RAM. Which leads to the questions: how do I tell how much RAM is being used, and what exactly is using it?

The good news is that you can find out without spending a cent by using Activity Monitor — it’s in the Utilities folder (in the Applications folder). Open Activity Monitor and click on the System Memory tab at the bottom.

Look at the Real Memory column to see what’s using up your RAM. Many of the items might not mean anything to you — a lot of them belong to the Operating System.

If you click on the words Real Memory at the top of that column then the table will be sorted with the biggest RAM users at the top. Click again to reverse the sort order.

On my machine as I write the biggest users are LaunchBar, kernel_task, Eudora, MarsEdit, iTunes and WindowServer.

Reminder: KB are smaller than MB, which are smaller than GB.

You may like to read the short article Power Up to Memory Management.

Next week: more on Activity Monitor and memory.

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