Summer roundup

Summer roundup
Mac Tip #273/13-Dec-2006

MacTips is taking a few weeks off for the New Zealand summer. We’ll be back in late January. Meanwhile, here’s a brief roundup of interesting items.

New Zealand iTunes Store

New Zealand finally has an iTunes Store. Open up iTunes and click on iTunes Store in the Source list on the left side of the window. Sign up and browse around. You can listen to the first 30 seconds of any track for free, or buy tracks for NZ$1.79 or albums for NZ$17.90.

There’s plenty to explore in the iTunes Store, including audio books and a lot of free audio or video podcasts. Take a look at the NASAcast Video podcast, for example, for videos of the space shuttle launch, images of probable water ice on Mars, and other space-related events.

New Zealand online Apple Store

We also now have a proper online Apple Store where you can buy Macs, iPods and other stuff. Today only (Wednesday 13 December 2006) there’s a sale on. Take a look if you’re thinking of buying hardware, software or accessories.

Coming soon: Leopard

Remember that coming up sometime in the new year will be the next version of Apple’s operating system: 10.5, codenamed Leopard. Start saving for the upgrade. Spaces and the Time Machine both look particularly interesting and useful.

Remember, this is a good time to clean up your Mac — toss out or archive old files; set up some new folders for 2007, check your backups.

Till the Tips return, enjoy any festivities you may celebrate this season, and keep your self and your Mac safe.

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