Eudora moving to Open Source

Today has brought us some big news about Eudora for Mac and Windows. Eudora is going Open Source, effective the first half of calendar year 2007. As an open source product, it will be free to all customers.

Future versions of Eudora will be based on the same technology platform as the open source Mozilla Thunderbird email program.

Today Qualcomm released the last commercial versions of Eudora, version 7.1 for Windows and version 6.2.4 for Mac. The commercial versions will be available until the open source version is available at the discount price of $19.95 and will include three incidents of technical support in a six-month period.

I strongly suggest you read the Press release and FAQ from Qualcomm.

This is a huge, exciting, and I think, welcome, change for Eudora.

Of the email programs I’ve looked at, Thunderbird is the only one I’d consider as a replacement for Eudora. In fact, I use Thunderbird once per month to send an HTML-formatted newsletter. It was the only one I tried which sends without horribly mangling the carefully crafted HTML.

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