Surefire podcasts

Surefire podcasts
Mac Tip #254/02-August-2006

More and more people are discovering the joys of listening to podcasts. For myself, I’m listening to more of New Zealand’s National Radio now they have podcasts than I have for years..

Previous tips have talked about or mentioned podcasts, but you may not be quite sure about how to subscribe to a podcast.

Let’s say you’ve found the list of Radio New Zealand podcasts and are interested in subscribing to Saturday Morning with Kim Hill. In theory you can just click the link for that item, but if that doesn’t work for you, then what?

Control click and copy the link

Hold down the Control key and put your cursor on the link. A Contextual menu should appear. Choose Copy Link (some browsers may use Copy Link Location). This copies the address for the podcast to the clipboard. For Kim Hill’s programme that should be

Paste the link in iTunes

Now connect to the Internet and open iTunes. Go to the Advanced menu and choose Subscribe to Podcast…. Paste in the address you copied earlier and click the OK button.

[Update 2009: since this Tip was written iTunes has added thousands of podcasts, including Radio NZ, in the Podcasts section of the iTunes Store.]

iTunes adds the podcast to the list of Podcasts in the iTunes window and it attempts to download the most recent item. That ‘item’ should be one segment from the show, not the entire 3 or 4 hours of the whole show.

To pull in other segments click the Get button beside the item you want.

Next Tip: More on working with Podcasts in iTunes.

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