Pukka – the Del.icio.us helper

Pukka — the Del.icio.us helper
Mac Tip #251/12-July-2006

If you followed last week’s Tip and signed up for Del.icio.us, you may also have installed the Del.icio.us bookmarklets in your web browser. The bookmarklets make it quick and easy to bookmark a page.

Another tool making bookmarking easy is a piece of software called Pukka (US$5).

Download and install Pukka. Then, if Pukka hasn’t asked you for the account information for Del.icio.us, go to the Pukka menu and get the Preferences….

Click the Plus symbol to add an account, enter your Account name and password for Del.icio.us, then click the Save button. If you have more than one account at Del.icio.us, then go ahead and enter the details for any other accounts. For example, you may have one account for work and another for home.

If you like, go to the Pukka menu again and choose Install Bookmarklet. A web page opens with instructions and a link to drag to your web browser’s Bookmarks bar.

Now when you want to bookmark a page at Del.icio.us either fill in the details in the Pukka window and click the Add Link button, or visit a web page and click the Pukka bookmarklet link. Pukka opens, with some information already present, allowing you the opportunity to edit the URL, Title, Tags and Description before clicking the Add Link button.

Pukka is simple, helpful and unobtrusive. It also has a free trial and costs only US$5 if you decide to keep using it.

Next week we’ll look at Delibar, which gives you instant access to all those Del.icio.us bookmarks.

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