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Mac Tip #250/05-July-2006

What a nuisance! You bookmarked that web page of useful Mac Tips (hint hint), but that was on your home computer and now you’re at work, or visiting a friend, or using a different web browser. You’ll have to search all over again. Unless you make use of a free service called, that keeps your bookmarks online.

Sign up

Visit the website and sign up for a free account. Verify the account by clicking on the URL in the email you receive. To make using the service easier, add the Post to and My bookmarklets to your web browser toolbar. There is a Help page with details, if you’re not sure how to do this.

I signed up with the account name: mirazj.

Add bookmarks

Now surf around the web in the usual way. When you come to a page you want to bookmark click on the Post to bookmarklet in your toolbar.

You may need to login at this point, but once you’ve done that you’ll arrive at a screen where you can enter tags (categories) and save the bookmark. Then you’re returned to the page you were visiting. You can access your list of links from any web browser anywhere in the world. Mine are at:

Pukka, Delibar, sharing

There’s more to you can create bookmarks for others; use free or inexpensive Mac software, such as Pukka and Delibar, to make things easier; track an RSS feed; keep some bookmarks private, but those are topics for later Mac Tips. Meanwhile, how about adding your own MacTips bookmark to It will help spread the word. By the way: please vote in the poll! See the next post for details.


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