Delibar makes bookmarks easy

Delibar makes bookmarks easy
Mac Tip #252/19-July-2006

If you followed the recent Tip to sign up for, and you run Mac OS X 10.4. (Tiger) you may like to use Delibar to make it easier to access your bookmarks. Delibar is free, but if you find it useful you may like to make a donation to its author.

Download and install Delibar. Then, if it hasn’t asked you for the account information for, go to the Delibar menubar item and get the Preferences…. Enter your Account name and password, then click the OK button.

You may need to choose Reload Bookmarks from the Delibar menubar item, but once it’s showing your bookmarks, you’re good to go. Click on the Delibar icon in the menubar and you’ll see all your bookmarks listed, by tag. To speedily reach a tag, don’t scroll, but instead just type the first letter of the tag.

When you select a bookmark it opens in your default browser.

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