iPod and iCal

iPod and iCal
Mac Tip #247/14-June-2006

A friend emailed:

I can update music on my iPod, but I can’t update my calendar and can’t see quite how to do it. I have checked internet iPod help & checked back on your Mactips but still struggling. Under the iCal preferences there is a “tick to share with other computers” type box but it requires a membership to Mac…and I know you have to pay for this… Does this mean I can’t update my calendars without getting a Mac subscription? This would be a pain. Any advice you have would be appreciated!!

The answer is fairly simple, once you know where to look.

First plug your iPod into your computer. Don’t miss this step or the next steps won’t work.

Now go to go to the iTunes Preferences and click on the iPod tab. Click on the Calendars tab and tick the relevant boxes and buttons for synchronising calendars.

Different models of iPod offer differing capabilities so you should also try all the other iPod tabs and tick things as appropriate, such as contacts.

Now when you synchronise your iPod your contacts, appointments, photos and videos may all be updated, depending on the model and the settings you’ve chosen.

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