ZoomIn Address Book Plugin

ZoomIn Address Book Plugin
Mac Tip #243/17-May-2006

Try this: open your Address Book and go to one of the addresses you have in there. At the very least you should have your own address and that of Apple as they both are already in there or are entered when you set up your computer.

Click on the word Home or Work beside the street address. Choose Map Of from the contextual menu that appears. Your computer connects to the Internet, opens your web browser and calls up the MapQuest map for your location.

Update November 2009: Google Maps are now included. See How to get more from Apple Address Book cards.

If you’re in the US this is probably very useful, but for those of us in New Zealand and Australia the MapQuest maps aren’t specially helpful. We can instead use a special plugin created by Robert Stainsby to work with the ZoomIn maps at zoomin.co.nz.

Before you start, backup your Address Book, as explained in Mac Tip #238/12-April-2006, Backup iCal and Address Book.

Download the plug-in from: homepage.mac.com/rjsdev/.Public/ZoomInMap1-0b2.dmg

Double-click the disk image to expand and open it and follow the installation instructions in the ReadMe.

Now open the Address Book again and click the label beside any New Zealand or Australian address. This time choose Zoomin Map from the contextual menu that appears. Your computer connects to the Internet, opens your web browser and calls up the Zoomin map for your location. Remember to click the Aerial map button for a view of the buildings, rather than just a diagram of streets.

If you’re not in this part of the world and would like to experiment, go ahead. Here’s the approximate address for The Beehive — the centre of Government in New Zealand: 1 Bowen Street, Wellington. The Beehive is the circular building in the middle of the map.

If you like the plugin and find it useful remember to give Robert feedback or maybe a donation: web.mac.com/rjsdev/iWeb/software.

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  1. Miraz said:

    Hi Norbert. You get that menu if you are editing a particular card. Click the Edit button at the bottom to get out of editing mode and into Browsing mode and try again.

  2. Norbert C. Ballauer said:

    I enjoyed your tip this week and went to try it out, but when I click on Home all I got was in the contextual menu was “Work, Other Custom and Change of Adress” no map.

    It this only for the Intel computers? as I am running OS 10.4.6

    I have all your tips in printed out in a blinder from day one.

    Oh yes the Apple address is in there also.

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