Search in Preview

Search in Preview
Mac Tip #244/24-May-2006

This week I’m attending the Webstock Conference and workshops. As one of the organisers I have various duties to perform. To make sure I knew exactly where I was supposed to be and when I needed to study a 30 page PDF document.

Rather than just trusting I could spot every mention of my name on a printout I opened the file in Apple’s Preview (it comes on every modern Mac) and chose Drawer from the View menu. A drawer opened on one side of the main document.

Then I entered my name in the Search field at the top of the drawer. Instantly 10 separate lines appeared, each alongside a page number, immediately identifying the 10 occasions I needed to note.

As the Drawer was a bit too narrow to read them all I grabbed it by the tiny drag handle half way down and on the right-hand edge and dragged it wider.

To see the details of any specific item I just clicked on the line displayed in the Drawer. That click took me to the item on the specific page.


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