Use a Bluetooth Phone

Use a Bluetooth Phone
Mac Tip #228/01-February-2006

I carry around a Sony Ericsson K700i cellphone that connects to my Mac via Bluetooth.

One of my favourite features is that that I can synchronise my calendar and address book from the Mac and refer to them while I’m out and about.

In this Tip I want to share how to make that happen.

If you invest in a cellphone it’s worth making sure it’s compatible with your Mac. In addition, Bluetooth, if you have it in your Mac, is a very useful way to connect the two devices.

If you don’t have Bluetooth built-in to your Mac then you can buy an inexpensive adapter that plugs in to the USB port.

First read through last week’s Tip on connecting a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to your Mac Add a Bluetooth Mouse, Mac Tip #227/25-January-2006. The process with the phone is very similar. Also make sure that Bluetooth is active on both devices and put the phone near the computer.

Now go to the menu bar and choose Set up Bluetooth Device… from the Bluetooth menu icon. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant will open. Click Continue.

Choose Mobile phone and click Continue.

Your Mac will look for the Bluetooth device and show any it finds in a list. (If you’re near others with Bluetooth phones you may need to ask them to turn off the phone or move into the next room for a few minutes so you can do this without confusion.)

Select the correct phone from the list and click Continue, wait a few moments and then click Continue again. Now you must ‘pair’ the device with your Mac by entering a passkey on your phone.

The final step is to choose the settings for your phone. Be sure to check the iSync and Address Book items, then click Continue.

To transfer your appointments and Address Book information to the phone call up iSync from your Applications folder. Go to the Devices menu and choose Add Device. Once your phone shows up in the iSync toolbar click on its icon and set the settings then click the Sync Devices button.

After a few moments you should see that all your contacts and appointments have now been transferred. Go to your phone and check that you have the information you want then quit iSync.

Next time you want to synchronise the two devices just call up iSync and click the Sync Devices button.

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  1. Miraz Jordan said:

    I always use the latest available version of the Operating System, so currently that’s 10.4.4.

    I’ve been using a Bluetooth cellphone for a while though, so the above instructions should be good for a couple of previous OS versions. There may be small differences in menu item names.

  2. Norbert C Ballauer said:

    I know that it would help me to know what OS system you are using, some of us may not be using as high a OS as you are.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for all your time and trouble.

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