Add iTunes Comments

Add iTunes Comments
Mac Tip #222/30-November-2005

Select a track in iTunes and choose Get Info from the File menu. Click on the Info tab and you’ll see a comments area. Some tracks may already contain comments.

If you want to add your own comment (such as ‘keeper’ for any tracks you want to note as being worthy of keeping) you can enter it here. That’s fine for one or two tracks, but if you want to mark several in one session it’s awfully tedious.

Visit Doug’s Applescripts for iTunes at and download the Append to Comments script.

Doug explains what to do with the script you download: Running AppleScripts in iTunes.

Now you can add the same comment to multiple tracks with ease. Select one or more tracks and choose the script from the scripts menu. Enter the text for your comment and choose where to place your text: before or after any existing comment. After a few moments the script will let you know when it’s completed the task.

Doug has hundreds of scripts available at his site, so do explore. And remember: if you find any of the scripts useful a donation helps Doug keep his site going.

Be sure to click on the screenshot thumbnails for larger versions.

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  1. Tim said:

    Wheres the backup to disc option? I don’t see it anymore. I guess it’s just another way Apple can make more money if your computer crashes and ypou lose your music library.

  2. Michael Weisser said:

    Itunes, For the amount of MB’s what the heck takes so long for the installation, it’s kinda annoying.

  3. Jerry said:

    Please consider those who don’t enjoy iTunes and its’ strong desire to control music and other digital media. Please give Macbook Pro and other users a break and allow choice. Please consider options and you’ll probably continue to dominate from superior design but still provide freedom if desired. It’s the right thing to do, look at history.

    • Miraz Jordan said:

      Hi Jerry,

      while it’s interesting to hear of your discontent you’d be better off telling Apple about your concerns. Those of us at MacTips have zero control over what Apple do.



  4. Rachel Ericson said:

    I got an ipod touch that said it was 8GB. but when i went on my computer and was putting songs on it, itunes said it only had a capacity of 7GB. how is that??
    I have alot of songs and apps on here and i would like to have more room without buying another ipod. i would like a new ipod or refund because thats not fair. are all ipods made like this? i need a response and a reason behind this. please email me. thank you.

    • Miraz Jordan said:

      Rachel, whether it’s an iPod, computer, games machine, or anything else, the claimed disc size may be a] not always 100% accurate; b] ’rounded’; c] not all available.

      There are 2 ways of measuring disc space. Technically the units are in multiples of 1024, for example, 1024 Megabytes make up a Gigabyte. Because 1024 is a hard number for us humans to work with, sometimes manufacturers round it to multiples of 1,000 instead.

      Whenever you have a disc that can supposedly hold a certain amount of data, say 8Gb, some of the space needs to be used to create the directory structure.

      By comparison, say you built a room in your house to hold a library of books or CDs. If you divide up the volume of the room by the volume of a CD, you may say that the room could hold 1,000 CDs.

      The problem then is that you’d need to stack the CDs in and you’d never be able to access the CD you wanted. So instead you add some shelves and they take up some of the space, so you end up being able to only store 750 CDs in the room.

      That’s what’s happening on your iPod.

      Now, if you need more space for your music etc then you have 2 main choices:

      1] save the music out at a lower quality. Each song will take less space, though it may not sound as good.

      2] buy a bigger iPod.

  5. Miraz Jordan said:

    Hi Hans,

    it sounds as though you really are finding iPods, iTunes etc very hard to deal with.

    Don’t toss that iPod in the Trash – I’d be very happy to add another to my collection. :-) I dearly love my 2 iPods and iPhone.

    You know, I was having problems with iTunes when I was trying to use an iTunes library on a network drive. I’m currently running it from an external drive connected directly to my computer, where it’s working brilliantly. It doesn’t lose my settings or have to be ‘reset’ – whatever you mean by that.

    Don’t come down too hard from Apple for having to bow to the pressures of the music industry. You can use your iPod with Mac or Windows, but the Microsoft Zune, for example, is Windows-only.

    I’m a bit surprised you keep buying Apple products if you think they’re the worst ever. Maybe you should look around for music players, computers and software from other vendors – there are plenty around: Windows, Linux offer a wide variety of ‘stuff’.

  6. Hans said:

    I bought an I-pod 2 years ago. after 10 month it gave up on me and the exchange also lasted 10 month before it died. I also disliked that i-tunes is not able to downlowd from the i-pod, sometimes the i-pod is the only source the copy existed.
    It is just ridiculous how Apple makes fun of PC’s in commercials, because their own products are the worst ever. It seems like the entire functionality is about how to protect their guaranteed profit, make shure the user is not allowed to do anything themself any more. Dealing with musik also means handling of huge data amounts. I-tunes is not a tool that is able to handle this. External harddrives, even so chosen, will have to be reset and changed even during runtime. Finaly , Apple was not able to stick with standardised formats. This is true for musik as well as video. Only to assure the incompatibility to regular DVD, Cd .. (MP3…) This means if you own an MP3 player, Apple products are not compatible because Apple wants everybody to buy Apple computers … Sadly car cd-player, TV and other players of musik and video will not work in compliance with Apple products.

    I am really struggeling to just toss the i-pod in the trashcan, since I-tunes upsets me every time whenever I start it, after waiting 15 minutes before it even opens, it normally forgot all setting from the last time I used it.

  7. Miraz Jordan said:

    Hi Hector, thanks for leaving a comment.

    You know, it’s not in *my* power to say what goes on iTunes and what does not. Apple do whatever they do for their own reasons — they are the ones you need to talk to.

  8. Hector said:

    Why is it that I can’t find any music from The Beatles on itunes? It seems strange to me that considering this band as one of the best of the 60′s and 70′s (and many would thing that all times best band) you just don’t have it available.
    Please do something about it.

  9. Miraz Jordan said:

    Samuel: sorry – I haven’t come across that one myself as I don’t generally add long comments to videos. Did you come across an answer anywhere else?

  10. Samuel said:

    How do I remove the limit to adding comments to videos, its gets the about three lines of text and then truncates deletes anything esle – so I can keep writing but the next time I load the file’s info the data (past a certain point) is missing.

    I think it will involve editing the Itunes database library file? Any help?

  11. Miraz said:

    To edit a column call up the Get Info window, make sure you’re on the Info tab, and then just cut and paste to suit.

    You can also edit columns in place within the Library: if there is already text in the column then click on it and edit. If there is no text, then the trick is to click where the first letter would be, then you can edit.

  12. Susan said:

    I am desperate to edit my itunes library by adding composers, or moving
    movement names out of the artist column. I have learned how to add
    and subtract columns, but sometimes the information (e.g. Bach is the
    composer) doesn’t appear when you go to info. Even if it is correct, sometimes
    everything gets thrown in the artist column. HOW CAN ONE EDIT THE

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  14. Norbert C Ballauer said:

    Once again I must thank you for such a nice lesson, I always enjoy finding new links, it keep my mind off of laying in this bed all day, please keep up the good work and if my time should come tomorrow or before your next lesson have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true.

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