Drag Files to iTunes

Drag Files to iTunes
Mac Tip #218/26-October-2005

Imagine this: your friend uses their iPod and iTalk recorder accessory to record a lecture or birdsong, or sounds from a birthday party. They import the sounds into iTunes at home and burn the tracks to a CD for you. How do you get those tracks into iTunes?

New Zealand Tui.

New Zealand Tui.

The answer’s easy: you drag and drop.

Insert the CD into your Mac and open iTunes. Select the Library in the Source list on the left. Double click the CD to open it, select the various sound files and drop them on to the open iTunes window.

iTunes will now import the files and you can play them.

Note: look at your iTunes Preferences and check whether files will be copied to your iTunes folder when you add them to your Library. If not, and you remove the CD, then you’ll be unable to listen to the files.

I find my Griffin iTalk recorder a very handy device. These days I’m trying to capture birdsong and ambient sounds, but I’ve also used it to record lectures and interviews.

We have several New Zealand tui birds around us. You can see one in the photo above.

Listen to The song of the tui (230 Kb, mp4 file), as I recorded it in Wellington’s Karori Wildlife Sanctuary back in September.

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