Bonus Tip: mail-link; bookmarklet; menu

A nice wee tip today from MacOSXHints: Create link email messages in Safari via URL:

If you enter the URL mail-link: in Safari’s address bar, it will tell your default mail client to create a new message with a link to the current page — just the same as selecting File: Mail Link to This Page.

I hadn’t spotted those two items in Safari’s File menu: Mail Contents of this Page and Mail Link to this Page. Unfortunately the first doesn’t work with Eudora, though a friendly message advises me to try Apple’s The second (and the hint above) work fine.

Mind you, I use a bookmarklet. I now have no idea where it came from (I certainly didn’t create it), but it does the job nicely:


Note: in order to wrap the text here I’ve artificially broken it up. You might like to paste it into a text editor and put it back into a single, unbroken line of text.

If you’re not sure what to do with it: add a Bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar in Safari (and probably Firefox) and use the above code as the address. When you’re on a page you can select some text and click the Bookmark. It opens your email application and creates a new message with the Title of the page in the Subject and the selected text in the body.

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