Get there sooner

Get there sooner
Mac Tip #199/08-June-2005

Let’s say you’re in the Finder and you want to quickly go to your Documents folder. Type Command (Apple) Shift H and you’ll see your Home folder open up. Now just double click the Documents folder.

Want to open an application in the Applications folder? Command Shift A will get you to the Applications folder. You may have up to 100 items in there (or perhaps more) and maybe you want to open one you can’t see because you need to scroll up or down — for example, TextEdit.

Type the letter t, or maybe, if you’re quick enough, t followed by e. That will bring you to the first item in the folder whose name begins with what you’ve typed. If you’re lucky, that will be exactly the one you wanted. If not, it should be close. And that works in any folder, of course, not just Applications.

Need the Utilities folder? Type Command Shift U. And remember to look at the Menus for further shortcuts.

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