System sounds

System sounds
Mac Tip #184/23-Feb-2005

I mentioned recently that I find the standard system sounds a bit boring.

Since then I’ve mentioned that you can use iTunes to change the format of sounds you find into AIFF, the format suitable for system sounds.

Now comes the final step: take the AIFF format sounds and put them in the right place, namely the sounds folder. You just need to decide whether to put them in the sounds folder just for you, or for anyone who might use the machine.

Go to the hard drive and open the Library folder. Inside that folder you’ll find a Sounds folder. Just drop your AIFF files in that folder. Those sounds will now be available to all users of the Mac.

If you want only one user to have access to the sounds then drop them in the Sounds folder in the Library folder of the user’s Home folder.

I use a really nice clock software called iClock. Every quarter hour it chimes (because I’ve set that preference). It chimes with iMovie’s Bell Tower on the hour, and some New Zealand birds on the quarter: the Kokako, the Tui and the Morepork.

It takes just a little effort to cheer up the sounds your Mac makes. Give it a try.

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