Updated x-eudora-settings-list

Adam Engst has updated the list of x-eudora-settings, and also moved the updates mailing list to a new server. Here’s the information about it:

… although I’ll continue to send out copies of the x-eudora-settings to this list, if you want to get it before the next major update, or you want to tell someone else how to get it, sending email to x-eudora-settings@tidbits.com triggers my auto-reply for sending the list back. However, to receive copies going forward, people must be subscribed to this list. They can do so by sending email to listmanager@tidbits.com with the line

subscribe x-eudora-settings-list

in the body of the message. Every subsequent message from the list will have a direct unsubscribe link at the bottom, or you can unsubscribe by sending email to listmanager@tidbits.com with the line

unsubscribe x-eudora-settings-list

in the body of the message. Please don’t unsubscribe to change your address; the Account Help page linked below can help you with address changes.

Third, if this is the first time you’ve subscribed to a TidBITS mailing list on our Web Crossing server, your user name and password for managing subscriptions appear at the top of this message — make sure to save that data to be able to manage your subscriptions! If you’ve already subscribed to another of our lists, the welcome message for that list contained your user name and password. For information about retrieving your user name and password, changing your email address, dealing with multiple accounts, unsubscribing, and otherwise managing your subscriptions, visit: www.tidbits.com/about/account-help.html.

cheers… — Adam

List Last modified: 31-Jan-05

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