MacWorld Expo

MacWorld Expo
Mac Tip #178/12-Jan-2005

Every year at this time the MacWorld Expo takes place in San Francisco. It’s usual for Apple to announce new products and this morning has brought us several interesting items, including the iPod shuffle, the Mac mini and iWork.

iPod shuffle

The iPod has been an amazing success for Apple, and here in Wellington any stroll down the street takes you past many people wearing the distinctive white earbuds.

Now Apple have released a new model called iPod shuffle.

You can use iPods for playing music, and (with various models), backup file storage, storing and displaying photos, carrying your diary and address book with you for reference.

The Mac mini

Another new release is the Mac mini.

This is a “headless” Mac, which means you don’t get a screen, keyboard or mouse.

This keeps costs down and for those who already have a mouse, keyboard or monitor provides a lot of flexibility.

For people who use and run two or more computers side by side you can buy a switch to share the monitor and other devices.


The other significant announcement is a new software suite called iWork, which combines the updated Keynote presentation software and a new word processor called Pages.

Presentation software allows you to make “slides” for showing via projector at a conference for example. Pages seems to be pretty much a replacement for AppleWorks which has been showing its age for several years now.

Pages hooks in to your photos and other media files to allow you to build photography portfolios. It imports AppleWorks documents and imports and exports Microsoft Word documents.

Keynote 2 imports AppleWorks presentations; imports and exports Microsoft PowerPoint presentations; and exports PDF, QuickTime and Flash.


Also iLife has been updated, bringing improvements to iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD and Garageband.

In the next day or so we’re also expecting an announcement from Apple downunder — we’re hoping it will bring an iTunes Music Store to this part of the world, though that may not be what’s announced.

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