Change the sound your Mac uses when it beeps

Change the sound your Mac uses when it beeps
Mac Tip #180/26-Jan-2005

From time to time your Mac beeps at you. I’m sure you’ve heard it. But did you know you can change the sound of that beep?

Open System Preferences (under the Apple menu) and click on Sound. Then click on the Sound Effects tab. Now you’ll see a small selection of various sounds, such as Basso, Blow, Bottle, Frog and so on.

Provided you have the volume turned up you can hear what each of these sounds like simply by clicking on them in turn. Once you find one that appeals select it and that will be the sound you hear when your Mac beeps at you.

I find Apple’s selection a bit limited and boring so see How to make a new system sound for your Mac for how to add your own sound.

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