Lock it up

Lock it up
Mac Tip #177/15-Dec-2004

In New Zealand summer’s here and many of us are leaving doors and windows open while we work around the house.

Over the years though I’ve had quite a few clients tell me sad stories of stolen computers. Sometimes they were away on holiday, at other times someone has sneaked into the house and removed the computer while the owner was only in the next room.

It takes only a moment to steal a computer which can take months or even years to save up for so I’m a great believer in taking a few security precautions.

Use a security cable

If you have an iBook or a Powerbook examine the sides and back closely. You’ll see a tiny horizontal slot a little larger than a grain of rice. This is a security slot.

You can buy a plastic coated cable with a steel core and a lock which plugs into that slot. Loop the cable around a table strut or other immovable object and no-one will be able to walk off with your computer.

Some cables use a key while others offer a combination lock. There are also cables to attach to a desktop computers — those new iMacs are pretty portable.

If you’re interested in protecting your computer investment contact your local Apple dealer or any place that stocks laptop computers and see what they have to offer. Lock up your computer and then relax and enjoy the holiday season.

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