iCal: To Do items

iCal: To Do items
Mac Tip #164/15-Sept-2004

As well as keeping track of your appointments iCal can help you organise your To Do list. In the bottom right of the window is a pushpin icon. Click on that and the To Do items list will open up.

Select a calendar (eg Work) in the list of calendars and then double click in the To Do items area. This creates a new item in the Work category. Type a brief title, for example, Call dentist. Note the three shaded bars at the right-hand end of the title. Click once on that area to give the item one bar, twice for two bars or three times for three bars. Each bar assigns a priority level for the item.

Once you’ve completed an item either check the box to the left of its title or delete it, whichever you prefer.

Note that if you select an item and show the Info Drawer (by clicking on the “i” icon at bottom right of the main window) you can change its priority, set a due date or change its category. If you set a due date, you can also set an alarm to remind you.

Be sure to visit the iCal Preferences (under the iCal menu at top left of screen) to set how iCal should behave around To Do items. You can set a sort order and whether to hide completed items, along with various other settings.


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