iCal: More calendars

iCal: More calendars
Mac Tip #165/22-Sept-2004

iCal provides you with two calendars by default: Home and Work. You may find it useful though to have more calendars of your own and you can even download published calendars too.

I have calendars for:

  • work
  • personal items
  • TV shows
  • New Zealand holidays
  • Christian holidays
  • training courses
  • New Zealand school terms

The good thing is that each calendar can have its own colour, and you can make it visible or invisible at a moment’s notice by checking or unchecking it in the list of Calendars.

The Christian and New Zealand holidays calendars alert me to public holidays such as Easter, Christmas and Queen’s Birthday. Without those I find I all too often make appointments to see clients on those dates and then we have to reschedule.

Those two calendars are ones I downloaded from the Internet. First open iCal and connect to the Internet and then choose Find Shared Calendars… from the Calendar menu. This takes you to an Apple web page which lists hundreds (or maybe thousands) of calendars. It also has links to other sites with calendars.

Click on a calendar which interests you and you’ll see a dialog box with the URL (address) and where you can set a refresh schedule and allow or remove alarms and ToDo items. Click Subscribe and the calendar will be downloaded to your computer.

To remove a calendar again click on it in your list of calendars and press the Delete key.

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  1. Yid-Ee Goh said:

    Hi. Where can I download the school term dates for NZ for ical? Or would you be able to send it to me?

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