iTunes Radio Stations

iTunes Radio Stations
Mac Tip #160/04-August-2004

iTunes has several online radio stations available in its Source List. Karen, Peter and Peter asked me about adding extra radio streams to the list.

Karen wrote: I like to listen to streaming sounds on Can you tell me how to save it on the iTunes list of radio stations?

Peter wrote: I did a search on the net via google and discovered the net is saturated with online versions of radio stations from around the world.

Peter (2) wrote: Can you tell us how to add new radio stations to the iTunes list?

The answer for Karen was easy:

Go to the Advanced Menu in iTunes and choose Open Stream and paste in this: . I found that address by scouting round the website.

If you don’t know where to find radio streams then look at and

If you search the Live365 FAQ for “iTunes” you’ll find detailed instructions about how to use it.

The whole topic of sound on computers is a bit fraught though as there are several (or many) differing formats. You can add any MPEG audio stream radio to iTunes, but you can’t play RealPlayer files. That means you can’t listen to BBC broadcasts with iTunes, for example.

If you can locate a suitable stream there are some things to keep in mind. Lots of streaming radio stations limit the total number of listeners who can tune in to the stream at any particular time. You may have to wait before you can connect.

If you have a high-speed connection (such as ADSL or cable modem) then you’ll have a better experience than if you’re dialing up by modem. If you choose a radio station from one of those in the iTunes Source List be sure to choose one where the bit rate is lower than the speed you connect. Look in the Bit Rate column to see which one to choose.

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  1. Miraz said:

    Eddie: try contacting Apple. They run it, they’ll be able to tell you how to be listed.

  2. Eddie said:

    how do i get listed in the i-tunes listing of streams???

    can someone please help me please…

  3. Miraz Jordan said:

    Auf der Webseite sehen Sie: “Sie können mit einem Windows Media oder Real Player jederzeit R.SH hören.” Leider spielt iTunes diese Real streams nicht.

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