Give us a tune then

Give us a tune then
Mac Tip #156/07-July-2004

Fancy a bit of music while you work? All modern Macs have a CD drive and can play music. It’s astonishingly easy: locate your favourite music CD and pop it in your Mac.

Oops! I know some of you will have trouble at this point. If you have a slot-loading Mac identify the CD slot and slide in the CD, label side up, gently but firmly until it is “sucked” in.

Play a CD in iTunes.

Play a CD in iTunes.

If you have a tray-loading Mac then locate the Media Eject key at the top right of your keyboard and press it firmly. The key is marked with a horizontal line below an upwards pointing triangle. You can use this key to open the drawer and also to close it.

On older Macs press the button in the middle of the CD drawer to open it and then gently slide the drawer shut.

Once you have the CD in the computer iTunes will likely open by itself and the CD will start playing. If it doesn’t then open iTunes (in your Applications folder), click on the name of the CD in the Source list on the left and then click the Play button up on the Toolbar. The Play button is marked with a right-pointing triangle.

Below the Play / Pause button is the volume slider. Move it left to reduce the volume and right to increase it.

Once the music is playing the Play button changes into the Pause / Stop button, marked with two parallel vertical lines. To stop the music just click the Pause button.

To eject the CD you can press the Media Eject key at top right of the keyboard, or drag the CD to the Trash can, or press the Eject Disc button at bottom right of the iTunes window. In Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) you can also click on the tiny Eject triangle on the right-hand side of the Source list.

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