CopyPaste-X 2.0

CopyPaste-X 2.0
Mac Tip #148/05-May-2004

As a writer and web designer I do a lot of work where I copy text from one place and paste it into another. After several copy and paste operations I might need one or more of the earlier bits of text again. Sometimes there are standard chunks of text I want to use.

CopyPaste-X 2 Editor.

CopyPaste-X 2 Editor.

CopyPaste-X, with its multiple clipboards, is an absolutely essential piece of software on my Mac (US$30 and worth every penny). It’s one of the first applications I install on any new machine.

CopyPaste-X puts two small buttons on my screen. When I hover over one it expands to reveal a number of clipboards. I have it set to store the last 40 items I’ve copied.

I can see the first few characters of each copy operation. Double clicking on one opens an Editor where I can make changes to the text, including some sophisticated operations such as changing the font and colour or stripping out strange characters.

Clicking on the P button pastes the text at the cursor, while Shift-clicking deletes it. A contextual menu offers quick copy and paste operations, plus handy features such as inserting the current date, changing text to upper or lower case, word caps and so on, removing styles, sorting and more.

That’s already a powerful set of tools, but CopyPaste-X has many more close at hand. Fortunately there’s an excellent manual built right in.

If you’ve ever copied and pasted anything then this application deserves a look. Try it out today, but be sure to look at the built-in help to get a good idea of everything it can do for you.

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